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Last updated: 20 August 2008

Welcome to the Underground

With only minimal updates, what you remembered as Classic Lipscomb Underground is provided below. Only e-mail links and a current issues page have been changed/removed. The issues stop after 2004 because those were the only ones available to me for archiving. And let's face it, the best years of the LU were a bit before '05 & '06. The Search page has been outfitted with a Google Search (better than any technology that was available in our day!). The issues have not been updated, but rather presented in their original appearance, or as close to it as possible.
Enjoy your trip down memory lane...

      You've found the website that has Lipscomb's campus talking. This site is a record of all the student discussion and opinions that take place in our school's only "freedom of speech" publication, The Lipscomb Underground. The Underground could probably be best described as a student editorial page. Over the years it has been a place for providing humor in our mad world between Granny White Pike and Belmont, releasing news that the Administration and other campus publications can't or won't, and above all else, for sharing uncensored student opinions.
     The Lipscomb Underground publication is done entirely through e-mail. Subscriptions are free. Under normal circumstances, it is distributed on a weekly basis. On occasion, though, a hot topic may come up to which there are large volumes of replies. In times such as these, The Underground may be distributed on a twice-per-week basis. Ultimately, The Underground is dependent on it's membership, or as we call them down here, LUers. They make The Underground machine run by keeping the replies coming and the issues going. Any Lipscomb student is welcome to participate in The Underground and may do so by sending their thoughts to The Lipscomb Underground Host.
      As your browse around down here, take the time to read some replies from previous semesters, when our Underground ancestors began their voyage, and see where we've been. It'll give you a pretty good idea of how things run. Thanks for coming down to visit. . .enjoy your stay in The Underground.

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