If you're a student who cares an ounce about what goes on at Lipscomb, the news of Doug Varnado's removal, the silence of the Administration and the overall questionable character of Lipscomb's leaders has affected you one way or another. Listed below are comments from LUs of this past semester, as well as several other references to significant events on campus that the Administration has either tried to cover up or ignore.
The purpose of this page is to show you that there are other students here who desire the same change you want (such as honesty, integrity, purity, Christ-like actions, the absence of monetary politics, etc.). The Administration would like for you to believe that you are an insignificant minority whose concerns will blow away like dust in the wind. Nothing could be further from the truth. The concerns that you have, and the change that you desire, should that change come to pass, will greatly impact life here at Lipscomb University. Or we can all just shut up, play ignorant, and maintain the status quo. You decide.
But before you decide, read the following quotes.

  • We Miss You Doug - Matt. 6:24 - The painted bison
  • Letter to the Editor of The Babbler - 30 Sept 1999
  • The New Mission Statement for Lipscomb University

    Various, Relative Comments From Recent Issues

  • From Poole - LU#17
  • From Carrie - LU#17
  • From Adam Kellam - LU#17
  • From Jason - LU#16
  • From Zach Sutherland - LU#15
  • From Ryan Gates - LU#15
  • From Brian Holaway - LU#13
  • From Jason Charlton - LU#10
  • From Brad Sullivan - LU#7
  • From David Savage - LU#6
  • From Jason - LU#5
  • From Jonathan Hemingway - LU#4
  • From LJ - LU#4
  • From Brett Farley - LU#4
  • From Zach Sutherland - LU#3
  • From Brad Fitch - LU#3
  • From Toby - LU#3
  • From Robert Sewell - LU#2
  • From Ryan Gates - LU#2
  • From Jason - LU#2
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