Every now and then The Underground staff gets their hands on a picture or a sound-byte that can simply not be left alone. It's usually something that those quoted, or those photographed would rather you not hear or see. That, however, is not fair to those seeking humor at Lipscomb University. (Don't ask us for our definition of "fair".) Many times, things are just too serious around here. These should lighten the Lipscomb atmosphere. With a few strokes of your mouse, you'll see what we mean.
F. LaGard Smith: 10/05/99 Alumni Chapel

Former Dean Bill Davis : 1998 Chapel (originally from Spring 1998-LU#12)

  • "We Miss You Doug - Matt. 6:24" - Fall 1999 - 51K
  • "Lipscomb In Vienna" - 30K
  • "Santa's Little Helper" - original - 48K
  • "Santa's Little Helper" - slightly doctored - 47K
  • A Case for Change - Fall 1999
  • Letter to the Editor - The Babbler, 30 Sept 1999
  • The Lipscomb Underground's first subscriber list - 1994

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