October 19-27, 1999
-More Details In the Next Issue-


The Lipscomb Underground is sponsoring a branch of the Bible Donation Drive which, with the help of God, will benefit those who simply need a Bible. Here are the specifics:

The Bible Donation Drive.
Do you have an old Bible that you simply don't use anymore? Please donate it because someone can benefit from its use. We will also gladly accept any new Bible you wish to donate. Any version, and condition. Help spread the Word.

There will be a Gateway "cow" box located in the Student Center. Simply place you Bible donation in the box.

The box will be in place from Noon on Tuesday, October 19, until Noon on Wednesday, October 27.

This is any easy way to help those who either can't afford a Bible or have no access to one.

The Bibles you donate during the week of October 19-27 will be picked up and distributed by Brian Holaway. Depending on how many Bibles are donated, they will hopefully be distributed to various mission trips, the inner city ministry, and anyone else who needs to hear the Word. This is a simple effort. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Brian at 717-9045 or fins2right@mindspring.com.

Please tell your friends, family and church of this effort. Also, please pray that it will be a success. Thank you for your interest and help.

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