As a little piece of fun, and something to fill up space, vote here for the all-time best issue & all time best issue title. The issue name is followed by the semester and year the issue was sent: F94=Fall 1994, S98=Spring 1998, and so on. Vote as often as you wish. This is just for fun. ToodleLoo!

All titles are listed...

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Issue Title

The Totals:

Votes for Best Issue
Don't Stop The Carnival (2)
Fudgesicle (1)
Mother's dirt not good enough for you? (1)
Hey! What's That Clown Think He's Doing?(1)
Welcome to Cleave Land... (1)

Votes for Best Title
Nothing Sucks Like An Electrolux (2)
Chili dawgs always bark at night (1)
Fudgesicle (1)
Mama, if you please, pass me the porkroll, egg and cheese (1)
Mother's dirt not good enough for you? (1)
Shoot Low Boys, They're Ridin' Shetland Ponies (3)
The grass is always greener over the septic tank (1)
There's A Bathroom On The Right (1)
There's Something About Mary: The Modern Catholic's Guide To Worship (1)
Hey! What's That Clown Think He's Doing?

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