Presenting for your entertainment,
the preliminary plans for
***Biblical Land***

An exciting, educational, fun, yet Biblical theme park based on the most exciting scriptures ever encountered.  Biblical Land has been planned strategically by AMH Enterprises.  (Agee, Miller, and Hopper)  Not only will this park be highly educational it will be highly fun.

The park will be set in Hendersonville, TN; to capatalize on the already thriving Trinity Music City USA - Formerly known as Twitty City.  The park will be divided into three distinct sections:  The New Testament, The Old Testament, and the Apochrapha (for members only, ID required).  Can you imagine the looks of excitement on the childrens faces as they skip toward the Pearly Gate Ticket Booths and enter in through the "narrow path"

The latest ride technology will be incorporated into all of the rides at BL to ensure that it will be the park of choice for years to come!  In addition to this there will be a wide variety of gardens (no napping allowed), stores, and vending carts (far away from the temple, of course).

The areas will include the following:

Old Testament Land
Jonah's Underwater Adventure - Guests will be taken on a breathtaking tour of a replica of Biblical waters inside a submarine shaped like a large fish.  They've got Squid!

Noah's Petting Zoo - This attraction will have the distinction as "the worlds largest floating petting zoo."

The Ark - A large gopher wood ship which swings back and forth and upside down - You'll never know when or where you
will end up! *Due to seating configurations and balancing concerns you will have to have two riders sitting together.

Red Sea Race - The first major rollercoaster in the park has a unique twist - it has two identical tracks.  The cars will race to
see who can get over the red sea first!  That means the second car is - that's right - the Egyptians.  A large wave Will splash
over them teaching them not to mess with God!

The House of Plagues - A haunted house ride in which guests will pass through rooms filled with anamatronic locusts, crickets, etc.  * This ride not reccommended for those who are the first born in their family.

Desert Maze - You'll only think you have been wandering for fourty years in your quest for the promised land and a way out!

Bathsheba's Tunnel-o-love - Guests will be transported through a special "Tunnel of love" in bath shaped boats built for two!

David's Shooting Gallery - For only 25 cents you too can sling a few stones at Goliath!

Other attractions will include:
The Daniel and the Lions Den Tilt-A-Whirl
Firey Chariot Coaster
and for the kids - The Wacky Antics of Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego!

For our hungry patrons -
Burning Bush Grill - Patrons will be able to grill their own food to perfection over each table's replica of the burning bush!
Manna-pops - So good you'll ask "What is it?"
Eve's Candy Shop - home of the Forbidden Fruit Candy Apples

New Testament Land

Tempest - A furious indoor water ride - Compared to the worlds bumpiest whitewater.  Ride will end with a comforting
"Peace, Be still" coming over the loudspeaker.

Ascension - A ride which blasts you into the air with a force of three G's.

The Un-narrow path - A plummitting elevator ride that is all-too-easy to get on to.

The Four Horsemen Merry-Go-Round - You too can gallop your way to the apocalypse.

The Bowls of Wrath - Spin your way to merryment in this adaptation of everyones dizzy favorite (a'la Tea Cups).  Its

Shipwreck! - Join Paul in this animatronic oddessy!  Like Pirates of the Carribean - only friendlier.

Transfiguration Mountain - Filled with Funhouse mirrors.  You'll never know who or what you'll see!

Earthquake! - Sing a few songs in the Phillipian Jail and be prepared for the ride of your life.  So realistic you can almost feel
the flogging!

Apochrapha Land
Members only
Well we can't tell you what is in there, you probably wouldn't believe us anyway.

Written by Chris "Pez Man" Miller, Tim Agee, and Jason Hopper.
Give them credit where credit is due...